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Vegetables are harvested from the field. Before transportation, storage or processing, the removal of field heat and respiratory heat can better preserve vegetables.


If you put the vegetables directly into cold room, it usually takes 18-20 hours to reduce the temperature of the vegetables to 0 °C -15 °C, and the temperature in the vegetables is inconsistent with the surface temperature-the temperature in the vegetables is higher than the surface temperature. In the course of subsequent transportation and sales, the vegetable surface is intact but the vegetable core has rotted. 


Vacuum precooling can quickly remove the field heat and breath heat of vegetables and fruits.It only takes 15-20 minute to reduce the temperature of the vegetables to 0 °C -15 °C, and there is no inconsistency between the inside and outside temperatures of vegetables. Use vacuum precooler can make vegetable and fruit achieve the best preservation effect.


Precooling is normally the process of fast removing filed heat and breath heat in just harvested fresh & vegetables,before transport,storage and processing. If fruit and vegetables piled together, it will get hot,lost water and wilting, decomposition. Precooling professionally means the process of product temperature drop from inital temperature(30℃ around)to ending temperature(0~15℃),including cooling process before cold storage transport and high temperature cold storage,and fast cooling process before blast reezing.


The principle of vacuum cooling machine:Utilizing vacuum pump for pumping air inside vacuum chamber to reduce its pressure,comined with refrigeration system for vapor condensation to realize fast cooling purpose.At low pressure,water boiling temperature lower,evaporation potential heat increased,free water on product surface evaporature quickly so as to take away itself heat,then environment temperature and cooling performance reached.