Tunnel Blast Freezer
    Tunnel Blast Freezer

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Net belt tunnel freezer

Net belt tunnel freezer, of which conveying belt is made of SUS304 stainless steel, can assure safety and sanitation. The strong chain and chain wheel for net belt can have long service life. And advanced deflection proof devices can adjust automatically when the abnormal happens.

The air blowing system can change the air directions in ways to make fast and quality freezing. And the reliable control system can be operated easily, and the design of access doors brings convenient maintenance.

Application: all kinds of aquatic products, meat, poultry, vegetables & fruits, drinks, etc."

The capacity can be from 150 - 1500KGS/H.

Steel belt tunnel freezer

Steel belt tunnel freezer can suit for freezing fish fillet, shrimp,scallop and other small bleaks of flat meat, pie and so on.

Adopts stainless steel belt of high strength and rigidity, which can meet HACCP standard. Rubber stuck outside the wheels can help prevent the steel belt from icing and skidding.

And the deflection proof device can prevent the steelbelt from running one side. And also the blowing system in the double direction makes high efficient heat exchange and fast freezing.

The capacity can be from 150-1000Kgs/h.


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