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Details description

Cold room is one warehouse, with certain desired room temperature and humidity by mechanical refrigeration, storing special products in industry of foods, medicine, meat, fruit and vegetable, chemical, seafood, cultivation, agriculture, technology testing, industry raw materials and biological products. With acceleration of modernization, application of cold room storage is wider in different industries and fields.

Cold room is composed of room body, refrigeration unit, evaporator, electric control box, expansion valve, copper pipe, wire, refrigerant and other related necessary materials.

The cold room at room temperature is as follows:

  ● High temperature cold room(±5℃): For storage of fruit and vegetables;

  ● Medium temperature cold room(-10℃~-5℃): For storage of foods after freezing;

  ● Low temperature cold room(-20℃~-10℃): For storage of aquatic products, meats after freezing;

  ● Freezing cold room(below -25℃): For blast freezing products before storage;


Our advantage

  ● High-density insulation board to ensure insulation performance and reduce energy consumption.

  ● Different panel thickness to meet different application situations.

  ● Different panel sheet material to meet different budget and applications.

  ● Adopt top quality brand components to guarantee system stability and reliability.

  ● Meet ‘cold room design criterion’ , formal and safe.

  ● Cam lock design, panel assembly fast and efficient.

  ● Multi system protection and simple maintenance.

  ● Adopt environment friendly refrigerant, safe and friendly.

  ● Overseas successful project experience and internationalization.

  ● Original imported DANFOSS expansion valve.

  ● Quality refrigeration unit and air cooler.

  ● Quality original international brand compressor.


Model selection

Customized and designed according to customer's project.

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