Food Vacuum Cooler HXF-500

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Details description

Vacuum cooler (suitable for rapid cooling of bread, rice, fast food, cooked food, soup, etc.)


Our advantage

Product advantages

u All stainless steel material to meet the high hygiene requirements of food.

u Energy-saving custom water trap, energy saving 40%, good cooling effect .

u Dual vacuum temperature control, no pollution, convenient operation.

u Vacuum pump never changes oil, easy to clean, no maintenance needed.

u Compact design, small footprint.

u All stainless steel, high-end beautiful.

u Multiple system protection and fault correction prompt function.

u The machine has passed various certifications, such as CE, CSA, BV, SGS, UL, etc.

u Optional remote monitoring function, real-time understanding of machine operating conditions.

u Soup anti-splash function.

u More friendly man-machine interface, intelligent functions, multi-purpose.


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