Standby System Vaccine Mobile Cold Storage Room
    Standby System Vaccine Mobile Cold Storage Room

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    a. one running and one standby system; 

    b. UPS power supply when city power is off suddenly.



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Details description

Standby System Vaccine Mobile Cold Storage Room

Vaccine cold storage is mainly used for refrigerated storage of various medical products that cannot be preserved under normal temperature conditions. Under low temperature refrigeration conditions, medicines will not deteriorate and become invalid and extend the shelf life of medicines.

1. The vaccine cold storage body is made of rigid polyurethane insulation sandwich panel, which is formed by high temperature foaming process at one time. The double-sided color steel plate adopts advanced eccentric hook and groove hook library plate eccentric link method to realize the library plate and the library plate The tight connection between the two, excellent sealing, minimize the leakage of cold air, and enhance the heat insulation effect. T-shaped board, wall, corner board combination cold storage can be assembled in any space. Scientific design, simple and practical, energy saving and environmental protection.

2. The refrigeration control system of vaccine cold storage adopts automatic microcomputer electrical control system, intelligent computer temperature control, high-precision temperature sensor, automatic temperature constant temperature, automatic switch machine, automatic alarm, no manual operation, digital temperature display, optional temperature Humidity recorder to ensure safe storage of items in the warehouse.

3. The refrigeration unit of vaccine cold storage adopts imported compressor, which has the characteristics of high energy efficiency ratio and high refrigeration capacity, low noise, safety and reliability. The condensing radiator is equipped with a high-efficiency air-cooled condenser, and an external rotor low-noise motor is selected, which can effectively dissipate heat and maintain the high pressure at a normal value in an extremely high temperature environment, so that the refrigeration unit can exert efficient cooling effect, energy saving and environmental protection. The evaporator in the cold storage adopts high-efficiency ceiling air cooler, with low noise, large cooling capacity and automatic frosting.

Small cold room to store vaccines, medicines.

a. one running and one standby system; 

b. UPS power supply when city power is off suddenly;

c. four loops on the top for crane to lift up;

d. 4 adjustable height foot cups for uneven places;

e. galvanized metal frames;


Our advantage


a. All HUAXIAN ice systems delivered to customers are carefully examined and tested, with 72 hours trouble-free trial operation.

b. All HUAXIAN ice systems delivered are plug-in ready and well piped.

c. All HUAXIAN ice systems enjoy 12 MONTHS guarantee ever since B/L date.


Technical support

a. HUAXIAN provide full technical support and after equipment installation.

b. 7*24 hours phone assistance on technical support.


Failure Claim procedures

a. Detailed written failure description is required by fax or by mail, indicating the relevant equipment information and detailed description of failure.

b. Relevant pictures are required for failure confirmation.

c. HUAXIAN engineering and after-sales service team will check and form a diagnosis report.

Further trouble-shooting solutions will be offered to customers within 24 hours after receiving the 


Model selection

size: 3x2x2.2m

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